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Fleet & Rental Rates

Each of our well-maintained aircraft are also available for rental! Call dispatch to schedule a check-out flight with one of our instructors to get started:

(830) 460-9028 Ext. 1

Two men (student and instructor) standing in front of a blue and white Cessna 172L arplane. The student has just earned his pilot license

N1333M C-172L Skyhawk

IFR Certified, Garmin 430, DME and secondary NAV/COM – The best flying Cessna 172 out there

Man standing in front of a white Cessna 172 holding a paper pilot certificate

N49RZ C-172N Skyhawk

IFR Certified, Garmin 650, Secondary NAV/COM, DME

N694JS PA-23 Apache

IFR certified, multi-engine trainer ready to be rented out for longer flights!

N33EG PA-28R Turbo Arrow

Best value VFR, complex, high-performance aircraft and high cruise speeds

Attention All Clients


Prices Effective 06/15/2021

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