Find nearby Walmart Game

Welcome to Bario Aviations’ gallery for Walmarts in the nearby vacinity of active Airports! It’s baffeling how many Walmarts are situiated in close proximity to an operational Airport. Whether at the end of the runway, across the street, or cornered right next to the airfield, we challenge aviators to snap pictures of Walmarts situiated near their local active airports and airports enroute to their final destination if they’re spotted in flight! We also encourage aviators to include personal anecdotes about their pictures and the flights asscoiated with them! Just be sure to snap your pictures safely and read your checklist on your final approach or upwind leg! This gallery will update periodically to include your pictures and their airport identifiers and locations to make a fun and interactive game of picture compilations for our flying community. Please send your submissions to and we will reply to you once the post has been made visible. Enjoy, have fun, and be safe hunting for your nearest airport Walmart!

Note: There will be a raffle every 6 months for the contestants who upload pictures and the best one will be awarded a gift certificate.

Picture taken by Club Member Ignacio Valdes alongside with CFI Mario McGee – Located at departure end of runway 16 at KPEZ Pleasanton – Taken on August 11th 2022